Boarding Pass Scanner App for iPhone and iPad

Scan Your Boarding Pass!

The bar code on your boarding pass has a wealth of information, but it's encoded so you can't easily decipher it... Until now.

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Flight Info

View and confirm your carrier, flight number, and origin and destination cities.

Quick Tracking

Once you scan your boarding pass, we can jump you right to the tracking page for your flight - no need to type in the airline and flight number!

Check your Pre✔

To see if you've been selected for TSA PreCheck for the flight, view the "selectee" information on your boarding pass. Note: the TSA will randomly select some passengers for additional screening, even if pre-selected for Pre✔. But if you aren't pre-selected, you will generally not be able to participate.

Ensure Frequent-Flier Credit

Your frequent-flier program is properly marked on your boarding pass.

Send to Friends

Easily email your itinerary to friends or colleagues. The only typing you'll need is their email (or just their name if they are in your address book!)

Baggage Tag License Plate

If you've checked a bag, the number from your bag is often available in the bar code of your boarding pass.


For assistance, please contact us via email at If you think your boarding pass was misinterpreted, please use the email feature within the app to send the full information so we can debug it.